Combining Objective Apartment Reviews and Personalized Searching

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rentlingoFinding an apartment can be frustrating. It’s hard to know if the apartment you’re looking at is any good – and good luck finding valid apartment reviews on the web.  How can you be sure if the negative review you are reading is just an absurdly disgruntled renter or if that five star review was created by the management to boost their own rating?

For example, how helpful is this?

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It is because of reviews like these that has taken matters into their own hands and sent out former property managers to evaluate the positives and negatives of every apartment building in Sacramento. They offer renters unbiased and consistently scored reviews. They also have video tours of apartments and amenities so that you can get an idea for the layout of rooms and the quality of the complex without visiting each one. also offers the option to connect to Facebook, so you can see which of your friends have lived in the area before and ask them for input on specific neighborhoods.

If you are looking for an apartment in Sacramento and want a fresh, honest perspective, check out

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