About ExploreSacto

ExploreSacto started out as a Meetup group in the fall of 2010. I was new to the area and because Meetup had been my main source of social activity in Southern California, I figured it would work in NorCal. And it did, a little. But I found out there was a lot more happening on Twitter in Sacramento.

So in February 2011, I set up an ExploreSacto Twitter account. And when the Meetup group was dissolved, the Twitter account remained…and got bigger, and bigger. I started a Tumblr page so I could write longer posts about events, organizations, and other activities.

Once I hit 750 followers on Twitter, I realized there was a much bigger opportunity with the ExploreSacto brand, so I bought the domain. And here we are.

My goal since the beginning has been to explore everything the greater Sacramento area has to offer: food, music, culture, nightlife, sports, and more. I retweet and share information on places and events I think are worthy of attention. I attend local tweetups and functions to meet other Twitter users and spread the word about ExploreSacto. It’s fun to hear people say, “Oh, that’s YOU!” when I tell them I am the woman behind the curtain that is ExploreSacto.

This site is all about sharing the nouns* that make Sacramento a friendly, fun, wonderful place to live, work, and play.

*people, places, and things